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Hiding All Those Wires

Often overlooked portions of a complete install are below, these are part of our standard services. I personally do not like seeing wires. If I can help it, all our installs center on hiding them without raceways.

Structured Media Enclosures

All of your media wiring consolidated to one location

Space. efficiency and ease of use. The idea of a SME is to have a centralized location where all your premise media wiring terminates. This not only provides for a neat installation but in times of outage, your providers for internet, phone or television have a one stop place to troubleshoot.

Media Inset Box

Provides an inset typically behind the flat panel for routing of wires

We install these when routing of wiring traverses floors, rooms or connectivity to components not stored in the same vicinity of the flat panel. All fiber, audio, HDMI, data and coax connections are supported.